Shopping the most exciting thing for a girl. It makes your life turnaround 360 degree when you enter a mall. When you are depressed, it is the one which brings spark in your eyes, excitement in your heart and cheers you up. And when you’re happy, that’s the best way to celebrate. Tops, Skirts, jeans, jackets, lingerie, hats, shoes, necklace, jewelry, cosmetic, bags, clutches headbands..  OMG! so many things, wonder which one should be first in the list.


It is fascinating to enter these malls with fancy facades, crystal chandelier, flashy lights, attractive show windows, especially when they have a banner of sale on them.

Some want to take advantage of Sale while for some it’s a matter of pride for themselves, to have bought from fresh stock at high price.

For me shopping is about feeling those new stylish clothes against my skin and smelling those new Italian leather shoes. It is amazing to hear the charming sound of the new silver danglers or hearing the crackles of high heeled stilettos, full of attitude. I love the feel of the goosebumps when I see new stock in the store. Or when my eyes catches something that truly demands my attention and says it is just made for me.

No no don’t take me wrong I’m not a freak shopaholic. I do love shopping, but every time but I do understand that this is my life  and my time, and I have to have fun now and today.

Shopping Mall