Getting ready for a date is special, but might take away your night’s sleep to think about how you want to look during that special date.
What you wear on your date defines your nature, attitude, mood and also tells how serious you are about the date 😉
So by using this reverse psychology; depending on what you want to express, you can choose what to wear 😊
COLOR– a subtle color like white, off white, cream and light shades of pink or beige- these colors describe the calmness, patience, freshness and beauty in a person. While a dark color may be talking more about the sex appeal rather than your feelings.
DRESS MATERIAL – Believe it or not, the kind of dress material you chose to wear, speaks a lot about your character. For example, a pretty delicate top, like a lace top not only stands for femininity but also describes the kind of person you are. It tells if a person is sensitive by nature, or has a carefree attitude.
DRESS PATTERN – Because it is a date, it is all about your mood and what you want to express.

A full sleeve dress with a five inch deep neck would mean that you want to be descent but still want to keep him interested.

A deep neck dress would mean you want to be flirty.

A shoulder less or a backless dress would mean you are ready to move a step ahead than only flirting.

A body hugging dress means that you are confident about your body and want to attract him by your looks.
SHOES– Every girl has six inches long stilettos as well as flat shoes in her shoe rack. For a date, If a girl chooses to wear stilettos it means she is being formal and want to attract the guy with her looks. Stilettos also depicts self confidence.

If a girl is wearing flat shoes in a date, it means that she is too comfortable with her partner and wants to be in her comfort zone. Not depicting a very serious image and be carefree.
MAKEUP – No guy likes going out with a girl who is makeup covered manequine so be careful while applying cosmetic for a date.

A simple makeup depicts the natural feminine beauty while a loud makeup depicts the boldness in a woman.. Adversely, it might also act to be a repulsion sometimes.
From now onwards think about Ur mood prior to deciding about the dress 😊