Suit jacket is one of a type of outfit sick is worn by most of us for formal as well as semi formal occasions. But not many know about the important features of these jackets.
In this blog I would like to share few details about the jackets that we should know about.
Two kinds of suit jackets available

1. Single breasted blazer – most commonly worn. Also known as American blazer. It can be used for formal and semi formal occasions

2. Double breasted blazer – English style blazer, mainly used for formal occasions.
Suit Jacket Buttons

1. The one-button singlebreasted suit jacket:Generally used on a tuxedo. These jackets are suited to lean men. They are not versatile.

2. The two-button single-breasted suit jacket:Is one of the most classic looks in men’s fashion. This style of suit looks good on all body types.
 Two-button suits are great for both social and business events.

3. The three-button single-breasted suit jacket: three button suit jackets suit taller men. Men who like to wear waistcoats will also likely prefer the look of a three-button suit.

Sack vs. Structured vs. Fitted Silhouettes

The term silhouette here refers to the shape or cut of a suit jacket. There are three basic silhouettes on a suit jacket:

1. Sack or Brooks Brothers Suit Jacket:  it is a shapeless jacket with narrow shoulders. The jacket hangs on the body – presenting a classic shape for anyone

2. Structured Silhouette Suit Jacket: Influenced by the military uniform – this is the most formal silhouette for a suit jacket. The shoulders are padded and the waist is trim giving the wearer an almost hour glass appearance.

3. Fitted Silhouette Suit Jacket: This silhouette suits men who are in shape. It presents a tailored fit. With minimal padding, the posture is enhanced by the use of high armholes.
Notch vs. Peak vs. Shawl Suit Lapels blazer

There are three common types of lapels:

1. Notch Lapel: The top of the lapel and the bottom of the collar meets in a notch. This is the most common type of lapel and suits a single breasted jacket.

2. Peak Lapel: Has strong edges pointed towards the shoulders. A peak lapel is more formal and always found on double breasted jackets.

3. Shawl Lapel: The collar has a continuous curve without a break like the peak or notch lape. These are seen only on tuxedos and worn at exclusive events like a black-tie night.
 Suit Jacket Pocket Types

There are five pocket types:

1. A patch pocket is suitable for a sports jackets but not for a formal suit.

2. A ticket pocket was originally used to hold train tickets.

3. Angled pockets are sportier and should always have a flap.

4. The flap pocket will add a touch of thickness on the hip, while the slit pocket gives a slimmer look.

5. The jetted pocket is more dressy, which explains why it is traditionally found on the tuxedo.
Suit Jacket Sleeve Buttons

The number of buttons in suit jackets ranges from one to four. Four buttons for strict formals and one button for a casual wear.
Ventless vs. Single vs. Double Suit Jacket Vents

Suit jackets may or may not have a vent or slit in the lower back portion. The three options for vents in a suit jacket are:

1. No Vent (ventless) – Preferred by Italians, this style is more fitted. The downside is when you put your hands in your pockets or sit down – the jacket creases and bunches up in the back.

2. Single Vent – It exposes their backside when they place their hands in the trouser pockets. The least expensive option – it gives the wearer a boxy appearance.

3. Double or Two-Sided Vent – Allows for more fluid movement hands. It gives the wearer added shape. The flap comes up when you sit or put your hands in your pockets – preventing the jacket from creasing and keeps the backside covered.
I hope your enjoyed reading this article, consider these features the next time when you plan to buy a suit jacket. 👍🏻