I love wearing blazers. It is one outfit that looks good in all kinds of occasions. It can be paired with trousers for formal occasions, denim for any casuals and a frock for casuals too.
There are various ways we in which we can wear blazers but before that we should understand the types of blazers available and the differences between the same.

In this blog I would like to give an overview of the blazers different kinds of blazers available and how can we give it different look.

Types of blazers 

There are mainly two kinds of blazers available- American and English.
American style blazer:
The American blazer style is leaning more towards the suit jacket, but with differences. The traditional American blazer will have 2 buttons and a center vent.

More often than not the American style will have notched lapels. The pockets are either flapped or patched.

English style blazer:

The traditional English blazer will be less boxy than the American counterpart. It will be cut so that emphasis is placed on the shoulders and chest. You will find the English blazer style in single breasted, but double breasted is most common. This version will sport a double vent and, if double breasted, will have peaked lapels and 3 buttons.
The other type of blazer available is Italian style blazer.

The Italian Style Blazer :

The Italian style blazer varies from the other two in that the fabric selected is lighter weight, and the entire jacket build is much less structured.  Extremely soft shoulders and a flexible but gently constructed inner lining allow the jacket to float next to the wearer’s body.  Vented or unvented, 3 buttons or 2, the Italian jackets have more flair and are a reflection of their wearer’s personality and quirks.

Blazer Buttons 
   blazer The most noticeable detail on a blazer jacket is the blazer buttons that can range from delicate mother of pearl buttons to heavy solid gold buttons. Mostly simple generic brass buttons are used in jackets.

These buttons can change complete look of jacket. One can change the buttons of their jacket in different seasons and give it a new look every time. For example, Mother of pearl buttons can be used for spring & summer, silver buttons for fall, and gold buttons for winters.
Lapel Button-hole

Another way to change the look of your jacket is to have a button-hole on the lapel.

The boutonniere is worn on the left lapel of the suit jacket. It should be worn in the lapel’s button-hole, an opening of about 1-1.5 inch.

Only higher-end suits have a lapel button-hole that is functional

Alternatively, Brooch is another option to be considered while wearing a suit jacket. The best place to pin your brooch is on the lapel of a suit jacket. If there is no lapel slot in the jacket, brooch can also be worn on the suit’s upper pocket.
So, don’t shy to repeat your blazers in office or in parties. Instead, mix and match with different buttons & correct use of lapel holes and surprise everyone with your awesome blazer collection. 😉