White semi formal jacket


It is amazing to see how Formal jackets can be worn for semi formal occasions. At the same time now semi formal jackets can be made fancy to suit the formal occasions.

I bought this white short sleeves semi formal jackets at only $25 from JC Penny store. It is one of the low priced yet most prized jacket in my collection.

This jacket is white with big beige color big buttons and fluffy short sleeves. I personally like jackets with fluffy sleeves as they add style to any kind of simple outfit that looks good in all kinds of occasions.


I usually wear this jacket with beige a Zara Spaghetti top and beige color Zara trouser.

What I love about Zara is that it defines how boring office formals can be stylish, graceful and attractive. With the use of didn’t kinds of materials, cuts and patterns, it is marvellous how they have redefined boring formals as interesting and sexy formals.

As for accessories, I adorn this outfit with long multi string white pearl beaded necklace and white pearl studs by Forever 21 along with a beaded bracelet by Kenneth Cole.

As far as shoes is concerned, I prefer my all time favorite beige wedges of Nine West.


This is a very beautiful smart look which looks fab at all occasions 😍