One of the main difference between celebrities are commoner is that celebrities donot repeat their clothes in public Appearance, while commoners can do repeat their clothes even in Parties.
But now the trends are changing. Even the celebrities donot mind repeating their clothes time and again till they become rags. But they repeat their clothes with grace and style too. They mix and match their clothes by pairing them with different clothes, accessories, hats and shoes.
The most admired celebrity to start this trend of repeating clothes with style and who doesn’t mind shopping frequently at zara like a commoner is the beloved Duchess, Kate Middleton.
Kate has been spotted wearing her jackets and over coats numerous times. 
Navy blue Blazer– Kate was seen wearing a navy blue blazer on a dress, giving it a professional look. While she was seen wearing the same blazer pairing with denim jeans and white top, for a semi formal look.


M-Missoni Coat – Kate wore this fabulous blue coat livened up with yellow flowers on one occasion, while she wore wore the same dress with a matching hat on the other occasion.

Likewise, there are various ways in which your sane clothes can have a new look every time you wear them. So learn to style your clothes rather than spending great fortune for every occasion.