Shoes never lie

After whole days work when I am bored and retire back home in Metro, I just want to sit quietly by myself and wait for my station to arrive. Twenty minutes journey seems like a two hour journey when you are alone.

It is happened, that once I was so bored to hell and looking at the floor when something unbelievable happened. Something very confident stood in front of me showing attitude and pride. When I looked to the right I could see despair and tiredness, on the left I could see innocence.

You will call me silly but, they were shoes that were talking to me. Each of them was narrating their stories.

Believe it or not every shoes has his own personality and tells about its entire lifestyle and the wearer’s personality.



Shoes personality – confident, full of attitude, think high of itself

Wearer’s personality– confident, fashionable, bold




Shoes personality – confident, calm, stylist

Wearer’s personality– confident, wants fashion but with comfort


Flat Platform heel shoes


Shoes personality – careful, thinker, concerned with one self

Wearer’s personality– balanced in life, Confident


Flat heel shoes-


Shoes personality – cool, carefree, ready to go

Wearer’s personality– confident, easy going, comfort




Shoes personality – confident, protective, high standard

Wearer’s personality- confident, fashionable, has an eye for quality


Open up your shoe rack and see what kind of shoes you have the most and gauge for yourself if it does speak the truth about u.