Shoes is an integral part of fashion and must be worn as per the occasion & dress. It makes the outfit complete.

I have different kinds of shoes in my collection ranging from flats to six inches stilletoes. But I sincerely admit that sometimes wearing heels can be really painful. Specially for a long standing job. Being a Marketing professional I always want to look fashionable and heels is one way to do so. At the same time, comfort is what I look forward too.

I got tired of wearing painful pointed heels until I chose to try platform heels, wherein the complete sole is thick across the complete length of the shoes thereby, allowing the feet to be parallel to the floor.

2014-New-summer-black-women-s-sandals-platform-wedges-thick-high-heels-sandals-belt-buckle-openShoes with Platform heels are an amazing invention as it adds to the style, makes you look taller and gives comfort to foot.

The shoes with heels only on the heel area of the foot, becomes painful after some time because the body pressure falls on the toe region making it painful to bear the body weight. Also, they damage the feet and tendons when worn over long periods. Whereas, platform heels spreads the body weight equally on the feet thereby making it comfortable for the wearer.

Platform heels signifies confidence, style, balance and Comfort.

Platform heels comes in different shoe type like sandals, bellies, slippers and even formal shoes. They are also available in various brands like Clarks, Steve Madden, Zara , Nine West, Catwalk and Aldo.