Since the late 1700s, men’s shoes have had primarily low heels, with an exception of cowboy boots.


While high-heels are marketed almost exclusively to women, a small percentage of men have worn, and continue to wear heels for various reasons, including personal preference, medical reasons and gender identity issues.

Today, most psychologists simply consider it a fashion choice, as do the men who wear heels.

Heels today is not only for Cowboys and Rock Stars but has also has been widely accepted by general crowd. The trend was started in countries like US and Europe then slowly spread to Asian and African counties as well.


Men’s shoes with heels are available for formal wear, party wear and even casual wear. The heels can be adapted in elevators, dress shoes, business shoes, boots, tuxedos, sandals and even athletic shoes. The height of the heels ranges from 6 cm onwards.

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