Fashion and spending money on clothes &  shoes is no longer restricted to women. Now even men have taken a step forward and believe that it is about “investing” money and not “spending” money, when it comes to fashion.

Fashion is not only about women’s Bellarina, Stilettos and Sandals. It also also about men’s Brogues, Loafers and Sneakers.

To be a complete man, intelligence and good clothes is not enough. Right kind of clothes along with right kind of shoes is extremely important. There are a few kinds of shoes that should be there in a guy’s footwear collection.


  1. The Black Leather Oxford

It is the must have some is any man’s collection. The sleek simplicity of this detail which makes the Oxford such a winner.

This minimal, subtle shoe complements formal wear perfectly – whether you’re wearing a tux to a black tie function or a charcoal slim-fit suit to an important job interview.

BrandsVan Hessen, Louis Philippe, Franco Leone, Rosso Italiano, Paul Green, Aldo, Calvin Klein, Steve Madden, Gordon Rush

  1. The Brown Leather Brogue/Derby

Brown Brogues were originated in Scotland and the trend spread to other counties with huge acceptance and appreciation.

What’s so unique about the brogue is its versatility. The traditional punch hole design on this silhouette’s upper – known as brogueing – gives it a distinctive character that other smart shoe styles lack.

Brogue is ideally for a casual  look wherein one could wear them with a white button-down shirt and rolled-up dark denim jeans.

But somehow, now days it is also embraced as an office wear fashion wherein people do not want to wear scholar looking Oxford shoes everyday.

The difference between Oxford and Brogue is ‘closed lacing system’, which is an elaborate way of referring to the fact that the bottom of an Oxford’s lacing section is sewn closed, with the eyelet facings stitched underneath the front section of the shoe.

BrandsAldo, MagnanniCalvin Klein, Mezlan, Steve Madden, Kenneth Cole




  1. Brown Suede Derby Shoes

These are my favorite. This gives a rugged, manly and at the same time, very attractive look.

Suede is best for a casual outfit. These shoes look best when worn with shorts or folded up pants. You can also wear them if you have a casual wear day at office or have to impress a girl with the manly shoes on a date 😉

BrandsDolce &  Gabanna Kenneth Cole, Ben Shermen, Woodland, Clarks, Timberland

  1. Boat Shoes

These were initially made to be worn on boats to prevent slipping. Boat shoes can be worn without socks. Available in a variety of colors, the men’s boat shoe comes in a moccasin style and is only for warm weather.

These shoes are for casual wear. I would like to imagine a guy wearing a blue denim jacket, black &  white horizontal striped t-shirt, denim jeans and these boat shoes. Aahh!! That’s the guy who is sure to grab a lot of attention 😎

Brands– Crocs, Allen Solly, Tommy Hilfiger, Steve Madden, Calvin Klein, Tommy Bahama

  1. Slip ons

It can become tedious at times to tie shoe laces. All you wish is to put in Ur feet in the shoes and go.  The good thing is that, these slip ons are available both for formal as well as casual wear.

For formal wear, these slip ons are with leather and can be worn with suits.

As for casual wear, slip ons can be worn at Beach, Strolls, Picnics or Concert. The list goes on for this amazing footwear that is a comfy must-haves in every guy’s collection. These come in various materials ranging from suede to cloth material.

Brands Zara, Magnanni, Steve Madden, Clarks, Calvin Klein, Crocs, Hugo, Sketchers, Kenneth Cole

  1. Flip flops

Flip flops are available in the form of Slippers and men’s Sandals. When you want to relax at home, go for a lazy stroll or a casual walk in the garden. This will be your best friend.

Brands Adidas, Nike, UCB, Puma, Kenneth Cole, Crocs

  1. Canvas Shoes

Sneakers come in a wide variety of styles and colors, however the rules of wearing them outside of the gym are universal.  When clean and situation appropriate, they work well with chinos, jeans, and shorts.

In western coutries, almost every man has a pair of white sneakers in his collection. They go on almost all kinds of casual outfits.

BrandsAdidas, Nike, Puma, Lotto, Converse, Provogue

  1. Athletic shoes

These are the most comfortable shoes. These can be used for running, jogging or for playing outdoor sports like tennis, soccer or cricket. People usually get confused between sneakers and athletic shoes. Sneakers are light shoes usually made for light activity like yoga or light runnubf. While athletic shoes are the best when you want to run fast on a treadmill or cycle at a great speed without hurting your feet. Athletic shoes have thick sole and outsole that protects the feet completely.

Assuming that you work out! But even if not, these shoes can be worn in and outside the gym.

Brands- Adidas, Nike, Puma, Converse, Vans, Sketchers, Tommy Hilfiger, Asics, Timberland

  1. Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are designed to support the ankles, provide cushion, and protect from the elements, while still being light enough to not impede stamina.

That boots are a delight for a man who loves hard outdoor adventures. These boots provide comfort along with protection.

BrandsAdidas, Wildcraft, Merrell

  1. Dress Boots

Dress boots are shoes every man needs.

This includes a wide variety of styles and manufacturers around the world. Dress boots are made of leather which depicts the seriousness and formal nature of these boots.

Boots are high fashion these days, so have a pair of leather ones around that you can throw on for going out in the cold weather months. Leather Dress Boots are worn with fornal suits.

BrandsAldo, Zara, Stacy Adams, Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein

So! Do you need to do a little shopping now 😉