The day has come when you take out your new expensive shoes from the shoe box that you bought from the expensive brand  store, especially for this occasion. You are excited  to wear these shoes that go perfectly well with this dress, you feel so proud to wear these shoes. You dance all night in these beautiful shoes and when the party is over, what about them?

Did it ever cross your mind that these shoes also need love, care and respect like you do. Let us understand a few footwear rules.

  1. Wear the right shoe for the occasion – We all have different kinds of shoes in our collection, varying in their looks. But these varied shoes also have different purposes. Running shoes protect your feet while running. Steel toe work boots protect your feet while working. Wearing these shoes outside their prescribed function is fine as long as they are still appropriate. Like wearing flip-flops in office is not a good idea, nor wearing sneakers with formal occasions. The difference between formal and ultra casual should be respected and followed.
  1. Wearing right shoes with right dress – Many people mess up the entire look either by wearing wrong with wrong attire. For example – sneakers with formal shirt and trouser would look in descent or wearing a Oxford leather shoes with shorts and t-shirt.
  1. Wearing right color shoes – Many people do not pay attention on color of shoes. Although it defines the real dressing serve of a person and is a sure shot attention grabber. Black Oxford shoes are for business wear, whereas brown Oxford shoes are mainly for semi casual wear. It is true that beige and black color shoes go with almost all color dresses for ladies, while it is not the same for men. Beige shoes are not worn in office by men, it depicts an ultra-casual feel.
  1. Invest in quality – Wise men believe in Investing once in one good thing is better than wasting money in all poor quality things. It is true that not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on footwear however, many of those who can instead choose to waste money elsewhere and buy new inferior shoes every few years.  This is certainly a loss making strategy, as low quality footwear is held together with glue and made with cheap raw materials such as cardboard and paper that does not age well. You can save money in the long term by buying more expensive shoes that last for decades. It is mainly seen in the case of females when they want to match their dresses with Footwears, they buy hundreds of footwears of various colors of inferior quality and cheap cost. Here the loss is not only financial, but also physical. It has been medically proved that wrong and inferior quality footwear can bring major harm to the feet and cause walking disability.
  1. Never sacrifice proper fit and comfort – One should always buy the right shoe size which fits properly and gives comfort to feet even if this means paying a bit more. It is not about the length of the shoes, one should also pay attention to the width of the shoes. Some men have extremely wide or narrow feet, so shoe fitting needs to be checked in this direction too while buying shoes. Accordingly, narrow pointed or broad rounded shoes would fit a person’s feet without hurting them.
  1. Take care of your SHOES – One should take care of shoes as good as their dresses, safely hung and locked in wardrobe. The shoes should be stored properly in shoe rack or shoe box.

Also they need to be cleaned and polished regularly. Leather shoes specially needs a lot of attention wherein, they need to be cleaned and conditioned on regular basis.