Babies have sensitive skin and need special care. Your skin might not be as sensitive as a baby’s , but needs special care too.

Some of the baby products are very useful for people with sensitive skin.

1) Baby wipes– Many brands offer wet makeup removal tissues. Sometimes they might feel harsh on sensitive skin, due to the chemicals used and artificial flavoring . So as an alternative, usage of baby wet wipes is the best option. These wipes are very gentle on the skin and removes all the dust and makeup on the skin.

Other benefit of using these wipes are that these are much more cost effective than the other wet tissues available in the market.


2)Baby shampoo – the most difficult part of removing makeup is the eye  makeup. Cleansing milk makes the cleansing process messy and the makeup gets smeared all over the face, the wipes may be lesser messy but doesn’t clean the eye completely.8901012116357_base.jpg

The best way of cleaning eye makeup is using baby shampoo like Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo. Take two – three drops of shampoo on your finger tip and apply it with water on your eyes in circular motion. This will completely remove the makeup, without harming your eyes.

Baby shampoos are very sensitive and “no tears baby shampoo” are available in the market, which are absolutely safe for the eyes.


3)Baby oil– after shaving, the skin usually feels very poky and rough. Thejohnsons-Massage-oil-products best of the moisturizers might also not be of any help then. Use of baby massage oil on the skin can help soothe and relax the shaved skin. Baby oils are not sticky and gets absorbed in the skin completely. Also, it doesn’t leave any odor, so one can apply it generously on the skin before going out.



97829a.jpg4)Baby Moisturizer– for the people who complain of sensitive skin and being sensitive to usage of creams or moisturizers on face. Baby Moisturizer is the solution to their problem. As this is made for highly sensitive baby skin, they do not have harsh chemicals or artificial fragrance that will cause itchiness or acne. It is very light on skin and can be absorbed easily in skin, leaving is looking fresh and beautiful.

I’ll advise you to try these baby products, which are cost effective and also a savior to your skin 😊