We usually go for shopping and buy things of our need or do impulsive shopping. You must be having hundreds of clothes in your wardrobe that can last for five to six months without even a single repeat. Yet, there a few clothes that you want to repeat every week or fifteen days.  Ever wondered why? Well, the answer is ‘cos they are essentials for ones wardrobe collection. Some clothes without which your wardrobe would be incomplete.

1) Plain Black top – this is one color top that every guy or a girl has in the
collection.black basic top zara

T-shirt or top for casual wear, cos with all shades and all kinds of lowers.


 2) White round neck t-shirt  – this is another shade of top that every person should have. Like black, it can also be matched with any color.


3) White formal shirt– this is one color shirt that even the girls who don’t like wearing western formals also have in their collection. Perfect choice for meetings, interviews, formal wear.


4) Blue denim jeans – the basic denim jeans is the most common apparel worn. Every person that you meet, will be having this shade of jeans. If this pair of jeans gets old, one would make sure  buy the exact same color again.


5) Black trouser– the most common trouser color worn at office, corporate functions and even parties is black. Do I need to say more?


6) Watch– white, silver, golden and black leather strap watches are common and is owned by almost everyone. These can be matched with the color and the style of dress that knw chose to wear.  Rose gold color watch is a new trend and a must have for boys and girls . It goes elegantly well with all kinds of dresses, business suits, party wear dresses and festive occasions?


7) Glares– glares is something that everyone SHOULD own. It’s not only for fashion but also protects your eyes from harmful rays of the sun. Brown shaded glares are more in vogue now rather than black glares. Brown shade looks good on all complexions and goes well with all dresses.


8) Sneakers– when you want comfort with style, sneakers is a way to get that. White sneakers are in. The pretty neat color looks smart with denim jeans, shorts and also with skirts.


9) Slip ons– slip ons by definition means any footwear that doesn’t have laces or need to be tied. They are easy to wear footwear that can be worn without the use of hands to tie.

The good thing is that, these slip ons are available both for formal as well as casual wear.


For formal wear, these slip on shoes are with leather and can be worn with business suits as well.  As for casual wear, slip ons can be worn at Beach, Strolls, Picnics or Concert. The list goes on for this amazing footwear that is a comfy must-haves in everyone’s collection.

10) Solitaire studs – this earrings are a must for every girl’s jewellery collection. Whether you are going out on a date, movie, picnic, Lconcerts, meeting or a casual walk. It looks elegantly beautiful at all occasions. It’s one precious piece that every girl should proudly own.


11) Sling Bag – Sling Bag is an essential for every girl. A sleek bag which can store all her essentials. Black, White and Beige color sling bags are the most commonly used colors and goes well with all dresses.


Check if you have all these essentials 🙂