While traveling alone to US via Heathrow London, a sixteen hour journey by flight, it gets quite boring. The thing that kept me interested was observing the kind of clothes people were  wearing. I think, more than the magazine and high profile fashion shows that define the trend, it’s the general people who define trend and show how much and what kind of fashion  is accepted and absorbed by them. 

Well, when I looked around sitting in the flight, I felt as if I was in Harry Potter land where everyone was dressed in black. From children to elderly people, all in black. 

The interesting thing is that even if people were wearing white or other light color shirt, they still had a black jacket on top of it.

The reason can be:

1. Black is the current trend. The color does look professional and presentable at all times,

2. It is always advisable to wear dark colors while going on long journey. That is because it doesn’t get dirty so fast.

3. Black is the color for winters. At school we all have learnt that dark color absorbs heat and light color reflects heat. During winters we all want out clothes to absorb heat to keep our bodies warm.

As for me, even I am wearing black too 😋 considering that black looks sexy and is the best color to wear while on a long journey. 😊

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