Ever thanked God for being so happy and satisfied in life. Don’t want anything more in life because the one who makes u happy, proud, loved and cared is just next to you. You are not married, nor are missing it. You are happy just the way you are. Talk for five minutes in twenty four hours and meet only on one day out of seven days of the week. Don’t have anything much , do not expect anything much but just that he remains exactly the way he is, forever.Sometimes, wake up wit him in morning, a sweet kiss is first thing u do, get cuddled by him and look forward to have the similar night and similar morning again.

Not that we give or take anything from each other, but the feeling of being loved is enough. The world can be pretty awful but his thoughts give strength to face the world bravely and confidently.

When I go out and meet new people. Pretty and charming that I am, some people wanna hit on me. But I keep my head straight and feel proud to say aloud that I already have the love of my life with me. Even if my school time dream crush, Prince William comes and proposes, I know I will still run to my man and hug him, for his love is all I want. 

His strong arms, soft lips, notorious look in his eyes and his hands are all so mesmerising for me. I like the way he holds me, his hands wrapped around me. He holds me tight such that he will never leave me, he kisses me so soft and gentle such that his love is so pure and will always be with me.

Yes, all this seems so beautiful so pure and so lovely. The feeling of love in my heart is all I am alive for. The love and respect he gives me and how well he knows me. I am like an open book that he has read well and knows when do I breathe, when do I laugh and when do I cry.

I was the most happy person alive, inspite of my life threatening disease and problems that I have, he was the reason I wanted to be alive. He was the reason I wanted to smile and live long. I never complaint to God for anything. And today sadly I have only questions to ask to God, the answer of which I never get.

Ever felt the pain when your happiness gives you maximum pain? And ever wondered how it feels when the pride of your life is actually a suffocating lie. I was very much there in his life, when he took a big step and shattered me. I thought there was love, but actually it was lies and false, I thought it was my life but actually a big big lie.

He made a hole in my heart and he made me sad. Never thought the person whom I love the most can hurt the most. 

All that I ask for is a memory eraser now, to remove his thoughts, his care, his voice, his gentle loving touch from my mind. The hatred that I have got him now, can’t erase the love I had for him.

Now, everyday I read the quotes of strength, happiness and life. I listen to the songs of happiness . But none of them can erase him from my heart and from my mind. My heart is hollow but he still sits in this empty vessel of my heart and looks at me with his brown eyes and says something that he has never really said…. And I do not know if he will ever say it too.