Handmade jewellery is getting a lot of demand by people around the world. Handmade jewellery is the jewellery which has been assembled and formed by hand rather than through the use of machines. These jewellery varies from ethnic wear to western wear. No matter which outfit, they look fabulous in all ways.

I bought my first piece of handmade Jewellery from a TV Channel , Shop CJ.

The price was really low and the jewellery seemed worthy to be bought in such reasonable deal. So I just made a call and ordered for it. Got the delivery of the jewellery, in a courier box. Nothing much to brag about its packaging 🙄 it was just ordinary.

But when I opened the box there laid the set of jewellery I had orders for. Shining beautiful jewellery that made me jump in joy, thinking I made the right choice 😎

I wore this jewellery the next day to my office and yes, it was so beautiful that it caught everyone’s attention. Seemed like a party wear, it looked fab in my office r formals too ☺️. Check it out:
Top picks to buy handmade jewellery from: