A style of 60s that never dies and is always in demand is Hoop Earrings.

Generations have passed by accepting this earring in different forms, designs, shapes and sizes.

These amazing also has been considered trashy for some, calling it unsubtle and inappropriate. But the fact is that it’s these style that has lived through generations and have been available in all prices. One can find one dollar hoops in a fashion store and also a ten thousand dollar hoops in a high end Jewellery store.

I feel hoop earrings instantly elevates looks and draws attention to one’s face. They have been embraced by ladies of all ages and even my celebrities.

Flat oversized hoop earring by Forever21 – $4.90   
Twisted hoop you forever21 – $5.90

Over sized chain hoop by Forever21 – $5.90


Open hoop earrings by Nordstrom – $80


Double wire hoop earring by Nordstrom – $24

Small pave hoop earrings by Nordstrom – $60

Small hoop earrings by Tiffany – $2300

Hoop drop earrings – $2000

  Small diamond hoppy by Tiffany  – $4400