I am a girl “never without nail paint”. I know how to carry shades neon to crazy nail art.

But sometimes I feel simple plain paints can also express a lot.

So here I’m going to share my idea of simple nail art with shades of same color.


Apply the first two coats of nail paint with a dark matte blue nail paint by Loreal Professionals.

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I like this nail paint as it dries quickly and is not messy to apply.



Once this coat dries, swoosh another coat of nail paint on send the top edge of the nail with a blue glossy (same shade) nail paint.


This style gives a beautiful look which is descent and subtle. Also this nail art can be worn in office. This nail also easy to apply, saves time and money and you can apply it yourself 😊


If you go to parlor for nail art, the professionals do same nail using one nail paint shade only. They use apply the entire nail with the paint shade of your choice, cover half the paint using nail stickers and apply the transparent nail coat  over it. This can also be tried at home if you are conformable with nail stickers and peeling them off.



Nail paints used-

Loreal professionals