I’m going to talk about one of the most important thing, a must haves in your makeup kit. It is not only about applying makeup, but it is also about removing it. Your skin is precious and needs to breathe and be cleansed properly. One of the ways to get a healthy is glowing skin is clean your face properly before going to bed, so that your skin can also have a good nights sleep with you.
We spend huge amount on buying cosmetics, but hardly want to spend anything on makeup removers. The product we compromise with is the makeup remover. 

You must have tried many things for removing makeup like – wet tissues, cleaning wet wipes, cleaning milk, olive oil, baby shampoo, face wash. Some of these methods can be really messy and irritating.   

 Frankly, I have tried all of the above and tried many brand’s makeup remover as well. But my experiments and search for makeup remover came to end when I came across makeup remove by Clinique.
Take The Day Off Clinique Makeup Remover is a silicone-in-water, dual-phase remover that makes is different and quick from the other removers available in the market. It is very gentle on skin & eyes and is best suited for removing makeup from eye lids, eye lashes & Lips. It also works well for the most stubborn foundations, lipsticks, and waterproof mascaras. 

Using this remover is not messy at all In fact, it is very quick and makes the skin smooth & glowing. 

Tiny bottle of 250 ml is of RS 1950. But can say, it is truly a value for money. Even after everyday use, bottle will last for two months.