It is an amazing feeling how we learn new things from our little ones in the family. When my little brother was born, the toys I had in my house were barbies.. It was so exciting to buy new boyish toys for a little angel boy born in our family.

Initially we got soft toys of bear, Tiger, Monkeys and dogs.. Filled the entire room with soft toys. After few months it was time to buy toy guns and swords with light and music. That really catches the attention of all the babies.

At that time, I remember seeing the promos of pokemon on Cartoon Network. But seriously, never felt like watching it. My cartoon network world comprised of Tom & jerry,Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, The Powerpuff girls and Dexter Laboratory. Pokemon seemed too much of a guy’s game with funny animals and silly fights. Although the TV was full of its commercials and all the FMCG companies were marketing with freebies of pokemon. It seemed that I had closed all doors for it to enter in my life and my little baby brother’s life. He used to watch all funny and sweet cartoons with me. In short, he did everything that I did. 

At the age of two Aman, my little baby started his journey of his first education in a pre-school. It was the first time he went and interacted with other kids and made friends. It was really charming to see my adorable little baby making friends and talking and laughing with them. 
The few days were so exciting when Aman used to talk about what drawings he made, which games he played, which song he learnt, which poetry he learnt and how he knew how to rhyme A, B, C, D…… So beautiful.. Then came a day when he spoke about the new cartoon he heard about from his friends at school. POKEMON!!

It was so amusing that he expressed his desire to see it and wanted it’s toy too.

Aman is ten years younger to me so he is just like my own baby. I had sworn to myself that whatever he says, has to be done and all his wishes, has to be granted 😊. So as per my angel’s desire we saw pokemon together on Cartoon Network. I really do not know how much he understood but all I know that he was super excited to see that cartoon. He had a sparkle in his eyes and was jumping with great joy. I seriously did not understand a bit what that cartoon was all about, except that a group of kids caught some animal like creatures in a ball known as poke ball and used to make them fight. It did not seem such a big deal to me but it had become a great favourite for my two year only bro who was jumping every time a new pokemon was shown.

As days passed by, it became a big favorite of my brother and all he wanted to see on TV was pokemon. He succumbed to the marketing tactics of the fmcg industry and he wanted to buy every product which promised to give a pokemon gift free. I remember uncle chips gave pokemon tazos with every packet of chips one purchased and Aman collected all 150 of them. Similarly, Lays chips gave pokemon cards on purchase of every packet. He collected nearly all of them too. Likewise, there were pokemon free tattoos with candies and free stickers with gums. He had it all. Then came the stationary, the school bag, water bottle, pencil box, pencils, eraser, scale, sharpener, name slips on books everything promoting pokemon. Likewise, towels were bought, bed sheets were laid, the tiger and dog stuff toys were replaced with pikachu and charmendar’s soft toys. Also, the clothes had pokemon printed on them. It really really seemed that we were living in a real world of pokemon. 

To add to the collection, all the G I Joes were also replaced by all pokemons. We even bought lots of video games and PC games to play pokemon. 

Pokemon was a marvel with its endlessly growing popularity, it seemed immortal. But as the industry knows how to play with kid’s minds and keep the marketing cycle rolling. They brought a new cartoon Dragon Ball Z. 

Suddenly the love of pokemons vanished and Aman now wanted to be an alien catching Dragon Balls 😳. 

It is indeed funny how new heroes come and make the earlier ones look like, they never existed.

After years of saying good bye to Pokemon. Today, I noticed tweets about Pokemon. I ignored at first, but then saw it went crazy viral. It made me quite inquisitive to know what it was and made me download Go Pokemon game, like all the geeks around the world. A sweet game that refreshed all the memories of pokemon cartoon and how I missed it. With this game, I myself became the Explorer and hunted many pokemons 😋 wow!!

I was like an excited little kid hunting pokemons all around my house and office☺️☺️ 

Entertaining, but quite an addictive game indeed. I was stunned on reading the article about a man who quit his job to become a pokemon catcher, through this game. 😳😳. Now this was really insane. 

I think this is how all the gaming companies, the mobile companies, the telecom companies and menting money with such strategy. That some people actually leave their house and job to try to make the virtual world a realty. 

I will not comment weather such an act is heroic as per some people or foolishness as per the other people. But all I know that one cartoon vanished from everyone’s lives but returned back with a bang changing the lives of millions around the world.